C.R.E.E.P.Z Questions & Answers

Do you guys snack or drink anything particular on an investigation?

It seems that 4 out of 5 investigations we go on we usually eat Taco Bell before heading out, no joke! Quick, easy, and nutritiously satisfying. While on the investigations, we always bring a cooler containing Gatorade, various caffeinated carbonated beverages, and water. Also, we usually bring energy bars to give us an extra boost when needed.

What does the 'Z' stand for in C.R.E.E.P.Z?

The ‘Z’ in C.R.E.E.P.Z actually serves no purpose other than being a really cool way to pluralize ‘creep.’

Why do you wear the uniforms?

We wear the uniforms for several reasons. As explorers of the paranormal, sometimes our investigations take us to some dirty locations and it is better to get a uniform dirty rather than Friday night jeans and a $30 slim fit graphic t-shirt. Another reason is that it helps distinguish us from a possible apparition (e.g. there aren’t many spirits that wear camouflage pants). As for the tactical gear such as our vest, they help us carry many instruments such as batteries, flashlights, and other pieces of equipment into the field. We try to make ourselves a mobile command center.

What is the scariest thing that happened to each one of you?

Adam - One of the scariest things that really stands out to me would my time at the John Wornall House Museum. I was in the kitchen by myself and there was a moment when I could hear what sounded like a woman crying. I stood still for a while to listen and see if I could pinpoint the sound. It was just an eerie feeling hearing what sounded like someone in distress and yet no one was around. 

Alec - My scariest encounter occurred during an investigation at the Rice-Tremonti house. In fact, it still has me scratching my head as to what actually happened. Gideon and I were taking a quick break in the kitchen and Adam went to the basement to check his Z-cam. I was standing about 30 feet away from the back door to the house and I hear the outside screen door open and then the main back door handle jiggle. Startled, I did not know whether or not to run to my left and grab my camera or rush to my right in the direction of the door to protect my team and this historic house. I decide to rush to the door to see who it may be. As I stride towards it, I see a bright figure run off to the right of the door through a window. This window could only allow me to see someone's shoulders and head, but I could not make out a face. It was almost as if this figure either had long, flowing blonde hair covering their face or was wearing a potato sack over their head. I was left stunned and whoever tried to open the door was gone in a flash. This may be a mystery that haunts me forever.

How long are your investigations?

Normally when we go to a museum, our investigations will on average range from 4pm to Midnight. However, there are other locations where we have investigated from dusk until the wee hours of the morning - or at least until we run out of tapes or battery life.

Who is the older brother out of the Tillery brothers?

Take a guess!!!  Actually, it is Alec by two years.

How did you come up with the name CREEPZ?

In 2001 the Tillery brothers formed a roller hockey team in their Kansas City, Kansas neighborhood of Woodcrest. After discussing several names that would best represent the neighborhood, the Tillery Brothers chose the name "Creepz." 

Squirrels and rabbits were abundant creatures in the neighborhood and would certainly make for an appropriate mascot.  However, the common ghost was another mascot that was quite popular in Woodcrest. The Tillery Brothers grew up telling and listening to many ghost stories and in the neighborhood of Woodcrest, there is no shortage of them.  The Tillery Brothers sat and searched for inspiration until one day they began talking about the ghost stories they heard growing up. After every ghost story told, there was one feeling everyone would agree on getting… the 'creeps!' Shortly after recalling fond memories and feelings from those ghost stories, Alec and Adam thought, "Wow! What a great name for our roller hockey team - The Creeps!" 

For some time, the Creepz Roller hockey organization was one of the best teams in the Kansas City area, taking on opponents like the Central Kansas Storm and even the Kansas State University roller hockey team! Though with time comes age, and with age comes knees, ankles, and elbows that don't work like they used to. But from the void of an aging roller hockey team came the formation of one spectacular Paranormal Investigation team.  

Our own Gideon Coyle inspired the Tillery Brothers to look for ghosts after telling them of his adventures with other groups. After discussing our interests in ghosts and dabbling in paranormal research, the three of us decided to give ghost investigating a more professional shot when some of our little investigations started producing results! Like every good paranormal investigating team, we needed a name. Luckily for us we already had one in stock. Initially, we were just going to be the Creepz, but since we had come this far from a roller hockey team we figured why not make our name an acronym too. Thus is the origin of the City & Rural Explorers Examining the Paranormal. Oh! and the 'Z' is just a hip way of pluralizing the name. 

The 'Ghost Commandos' part of the name derives from the Tillery Brothers' childhood. Like most American children growing up, the Tillery Brothers formed a neighborhood club which they named the 'Commandos'. The club's purpose you ask? Well, it's purpose ranged from big games of hide and seek in camouflage clothing to campouts in the clubhouses around the neighborhood. In short, the 'Ghost Commandos' is an homage to our childhood with a paranormal twist. Plus, 'Ghost Commandos' is a snazzy way of saying 'paranormal investigators' or 'ghost hunters.'

What are each of your favorite pieces of equipment to use?

Adam - I really like having a digital camera on me. I believe a digital camera is a great instrument to catch spirits off guard, especially when you just randomly start taking photos without actually looking through the viewfinder or digital display.

Gideon - I enjoy using the KII Meter. I feel that the KII Meter is a simple instrument to use between our world and the spirit world. I have experienced many occasions where I've asked spirits to to try and communicate with me through this device and sure enough the KII Meter will light up in response to my questions.

Alec - I really enjoy keeping my eye on the Mel-8704-R Electromagnetic Field Radiation Tester. What a mouthful, right?! Luckily, we just call it a Mel Meter. This is a device that displays the current temperature and the level of electromagnetic (E.M.F.) activity in the area – all on the same screen. Ghosts, in theory, give off electromagnetic energy and could also cause the temperture to drop. If I see the electromagnetic levels increase, and then the temperature decrease at the same time, we may have a paranormal event occuring right by us! This quick cold spot confirmation that the Mel Meter provides is why I feel that it is an effective tool and why it is my favorite piece of equipment to use.

What is your opinion on orbs?

When it comes to orbs, we usually take the glass half-full approach. We don’t automatically discredit orbs as dust or other earthly particles floating through the air. As long as an orb can coincide with another unexplainable event, we seriously evaluate its connection to a paranormal event. For example, if we ask the question “can you join us in this room?” and suddenly a single orb appears in our camcorder or in a photo, then we can’t simple say the orb is dust and have to take into consideration the possibility of that single orb being of paranormal origins. Plus, we have a little saying when it comes to the dust and orbs debate, “ Dust doesn’t travel alone.”

Where would you like to investigate the most?

Sauer Castle, a historic, mysterious, and folkloric house in Kansas City, Kansas.

Has there ever been a place you didn't want to investigate?



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